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What Our Merchants Have to Say

The Sovrn //Commerce team has been great to work with and the company as a whole has been a truly remarkable growth story. They continue to innovate their products which has both allowed them to both broaden and deepen their reach with all of their customers.

The Sovrn //Commerce platform provides a scalable solution for driving engagement and quality transactions across key categories for the eBay marketplace

By collaborating with Sovrn //Commerce, we aimed to increase traffic, sales and awareness in our niche by identifying key publishers who were not currently linking to our site. Through a two-month CPC bid campaign that targeted competitive traffic with links inserted on influential pages, Sovrn //Commerce increased clicks to TireBuyer by over 565% year over year.

Sovrn //Commerce is a powerful tool connecting brands and content. With native advertising’s success driving big revenue in today’s market, this technology proves invaluable.

Working with Sovrn //Commerce allows us to gain the attention of these influential content-focused publishers and their customers which, by and large, have stronger purchase intent than most other sources. The //Commerce Insider program offers an opportunity to increase the frequency of exposure with these publishers, which is invaluable.

What Our Publishers Have to Say


We prioritize innovation at MSN and look for ways to use it to enhance our users’ experiences. Our goal is to be an industry leader in digital advancements. We are thrilled to partner with Sovrn //Commerce to provide our users with a highly targeted, relevant experience while simultaneously providing our content partners with a new and significant source of monetization.

The Trends Explorer gives us insight into what our readers want, sometimes even before our readers know they want it. This allows us to create the best content at the best times.

When we were going through referrals for affiliate partners it became clear there aren’t a lot of media companies doing it on the newspaper side. It feels like we’re in fresh territory here with Sovrn //Commerce.

The post and courier

Fashion & Accessories

Sovrn //Commerce has tools that make monetizing my site simple and easy. The Merchant Explorer helps me research and plan for new content and the Anywhere Bookmarklet is the perfect way to efficiently create that content.


Most of The Hunt userbase engages on our native mobile apps, creating user-generated recommendations for style and shopping. Sovrn //Commerce provides us with a native monetization solution that doesn’t disrupt the user experience.

The hunt

Sovrn //Commerce has tools that make monetizing my site simple and easy. The Merchant Explorer helps me research and plan for new content and the Anywhere Bookmarklet is the perfect way to efficiently create that content.

I want to be her

Sovrn //Commerce is a completely easy way to monetize my website, and I also have a large social media following that I wanted to earn revenue from. That’s where //Commerce Anywhere comes into play! //Commerce Anywhere allows me to easily create monetized links to incorporate into my social media posts!

Musings of a muse

In the changing times of digital publishing, Sovrn //Commerce has provided the solution to a serious problem we had as a publisher as advertisers were looking for more direct action advertising methods. Nice Kicks is all about sneakers and through //Commerce we can monetize our engaging content with our engaged audience transitioning them from casual readers to customers for the best retailers online with ease.

nice kicks

The //Commerce Anywhere feature has been life changing for my business. Before, I couldn’t find detailed statistics of my social media behavior, or measure my reader response to my posts. Now, within seconds I’m able to track anything, anywhere, making my blog more organized and efficient – which are two things I’m always looking for to make Possessionista successful.


SheFinds utilizes Sovrn //Commerce in conjunction with their direct merchant relationships. In particular, //Commerce connects SheFinds to advertisers who seek sponsored content placements and provides them with deep analytical insight that helps to inform content creation.

She finds

I went from tweeting about my passion in my free time to earning sizeable revenue by simply monetizing my links by using the Anywhere Bookmarklet in one easy step.

sneaker shouts
sneaker shouts

Tyler Blake


“I’ve been using the Anywhere Bookmarklet and it’s literally the best thing to happen to someone who schedules a lot of content. It has saved me the extra step of formatting and creating monetized links and works seamlessly.”


After thoroughly testing Sovrn //Commerce on their forums, CNET added the //Commerce javascript to the editorial section of the site and saw their revenue increase 10-fold. Based on their monetary success and uninterrupted user experience, CBSi is exploring the option of adding Sovrn //Commerce to their other properties.


We had to choose between Sovrn //Commerce and a major competitor last year, ultimately choosing Sovrn //Commerce. The quality of support has routinely assured us that we made the right choice.

Camers nexus

Sovrn //Commerce takes all the hard work out of affiliating links and does so intelligently in the background, allowing us to focus on creating great content that our readers enjoy.


After switching from a competitor’s program to Sovrn //Commerce, Pocket-lint saw their revenue double as a result of //Commerce’s CPC campaigns, as well as the accuracy of their Natural Language Processing Technology.



We were instantly impressed with Sovrn //Commerce’s quick and painless implementation and the fact that it would add an additional revenue stream without any disruption to our workflow or user experience was a complete win in our book.


Indulgy is currently ad free and we believe it should stay this way. That’s why //Commerce Convert makes sense for us. It plays a big role in our revenue structure without any additional effort on our part.


Sovrn //Commerce is a great monetization tool for us because it enables us to earn additional revenue and provides insight without any extra overhead. With access to their APIs, integrating their technology with our site required no effort on our part.


Jaime Derringer

Design Milk

“Anything that makes my life easier in terms of technology, increasing our revenue, or helping us build relationships with affiliates…is the best.”


Anthony Marino


“We run //Commerce on our forum pages which consist of user-generated content.”