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VigLink acquires Driving Revenue

Today is a very big day for VigLink.On May 5th I got an interesting email. One of our competitors, Driving Revenue had bumped into us talking to a potential customer. Maybe we should chat?We met for dinner in Chicago. We liked each other. Our companies had very complementary strengths. One thing led to another.VigLink + Driving RevenueOn Friday we signed the last of the paperwork to acquire the company. Driving Revenue was the first to do automated affiliate marketing and was completely bootstrapped to profitability by the founders Raymond Lyle and Jack Bafia. They boast a great customer list, a ton of depth in affiliate marketing and have built out a great team to support them.We’re very excited to be joining forces. Ray is going to lead the sales and merchant relationship team and run our Chicago office. Jack will be moving to San Francisco to assume leadership of the product team. Everyone else is keeping their job as well.  They’ve all made a big bet on the future of the combined business. They are doubling down, not cashing out.What does this mean for our customers? It means more scale, more merchant coverage and better rates. It means more resources to devote to engineering great new products and more people to devote to getting the word out and talking to our customers.As part of this deal, our key investors Google Ventures and First Round Capital both more than doubled their investment in the company. We feel great about their continued support. We couldn’t ask for a more helpful, supported and connected board.So as I said, it’s a very exciting day for VigLink. To our team, customers and investors – onwards and upwards. To the Driving Revenue family – welcome aboard!Oliver RoupCEO / co-founder, VigLinkMore information can be found on our press page.

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