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Affiliate Tax Issues and Merchant Transparency – An Update

It’s been several months since we wrote our first post on affiliate tax issues and we thought it was time for an update.VigLink is committed to giving merchants complete control and transparency into who is sending them traffic and letting them decide who they do business with. The tax landscape with respect to affiliate marketing is changing rapidly in the United States and different merchants have different concerns. VigLink provides them a number of tools to ensure whatever requirements they have are respected by VigLink:

  • Checking the location of all publishers. If a merchant chooses not to work with affiliates in a certain state we will honor that.
  • The Merchant Dashboard. We provide a console for any advertiser who would like to monitor and control the traffic they receive from VigLink publishers.
  • Global exclusion. We monitor all of our publishers and if we detect fraud of any kind for one merchant, we turn that publisher off for all merchants.
  • Partnerships to exclude banned publishers. We are working with other companies working with affiliates to find the sites that they have determined are fraudulent so that we can exclude them from our program as well.

VigLink is synonomous with quality in affiliate marketing. Quality publishers in our network, quality merchant partners, and rigorous quality control for the traffic that comes through our system. If you are an advertiser and would like to tell us about any restrictions you might have in your program, please email us.

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