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New Dashboard View – More Information to Improve Monetization

At VigLink, we believe detailed actionable data is one of the best ways to improve the monetization of your site. Understanding where your users go and what they buy helps you understand what they like and can inform what you want to write about. So we’ve spent lots of time creating very detailed analytics about which clicks, pages and products are driving the most revenue. We’ve got lots of compliments on these analytics and we’re continuing to work very hard to improve them.At the same time, we think sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all that data and lose sight of the big picture. So starting today, we’ve made the default view on the dashboard a monthly summary view.

Monthly Dashboard

You can still click through to the weekly dashboard to see the detailed breakdown of your traffic that you are used to, but this is the new homepage for VigLink users. We will be rolling out more tools to expand your options for monetization and you will see them first here.Love the new dashboard? Hate it? As always we appreciate your feedback.Oliver Roup
CEO, VigLink

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