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How Payment Works

As part of the acquisition of Driving Revenue we have updated our payment terms and methods. Here are the key points:

  • All payments are now made through PayPal
  • There is no monthly minimum
  • We pay you the same month we receive money from the merchants

These updates are significant improvements over the old system of mailing checks, and will get you paid faster.Don’t worry if your VigLink email is not connected to your PayPal account, PayPal makes it very easy to associate new emails with your account. They will notify you when your money is sent and walk you through the steps of claiming it. If you want to change your VigLink email anyway, do so here. Creating a PayPal account is free, and there are no new charges or fees for you.Please note that a reported commission will not be paid out until we receive the money from the merchant. This can take up to 60 days for some merchants, but many are faster.Here is the life cycle of your payment, from click to PayPal transfer. How long a particular transaction takes at each stage depends on the terms of that merchant.

  1. Click
  2. Transaction (cookie duration up to 30 days, depending on merchant)
  3. Commission credited (24 hrs-1 week, depending on merchant)
  4. Commission displayed in VigLink Dashboard (same day)
  5. Merchant clears commission on network and sends money to VigLink. (30-90 days, depends on network and merchant)
  6. VigLink transfers you money (end of the same month)

We are working to give you as much visibility into this process for transactions you generate as is technically feasible. Our goal is to make this process faster and more clear, and we continue to build technology to make that happen. If you have questions, browse our support community on Get Satisfaction.All the best,VigLink Customer Success Team

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