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Lijit and VigLink- Site Search, Monetization, Analytics and more

We come across a lot of services for helping make the lives of publishers easier, but every once in a while we run across one that stands out for its effectiveness and simplicity. Lijit is one of these, and we are excited to be working with them. You might know that we partnered with Lijit to offer their publishers outbound traffic analytics earlier this year. Their users gave some feedback that they prefer it to be optional for both analytics and monetization, so we have re-deployed. For all Lijit publishers, you can turn on VigLink to monetize your site with the click of a button. Go to your Lijit dashboard and start monetizing your site with Lijit and VigLink together. Check out their announcement if you have any questions.For those VigLink publishers who aren’t using Lijit yet, you should! In addition to offering a search widget that can pull in your social content from all around the web to engage your users and keep them on your site, they provide text ads in those results and banner ads on your page to help you earn more money. Like VigLink, Lijit is committed to improving the experience and the payout of creating content online. Check them out.Galen Thompson
Relationships Manger, VigLink

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