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VigLink Now Integrates with Tapatalk

VigLink Now Integrates with Tapatalk

Tapatalk, the leading mobile forum app for Android and iPhone, now integrates automatically with VigLink.  The Tapatalk mobile app provides end-users with access to over 15,000 forums on their mobile phone.  It’s Android’s top app in the “Social, Paid” category and an iPhone top five app in the social networking category.What the partnership means……for Tapatalk usersIf you are a forum owner that has registered their forum with Tapatalk (free to do), you’re not only providing a way for end-users to access content on the go, but will also potentially be earning additional revenue. Tapatalk forum owners collect commissions from items their users purchase as a result of their forum.…for VigLink usersIf you are a forum owner using VigLink and don’t offer a mobile app, Tapatalk is an ideal solution.  You’ll be opening up a new content delivery channel and additional traffic while preserving the monetization system you already have in place.We’re excited about what this means for VigLink and Tapatalk users alike — we think it will be a big plus on both sides.  Tapatalk users can easily control which of their forums have VigLink enabled under the MyForums section of their account.

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