VigLink CloudFlare App: It’s Alive

Last week we shared details with you about CloudFlare Apps and the VigLink App that will make it easier than easy for CloudFlare users to deploy VigLink on their site.This evening the app store went live and the VigLink App officially became available.If you are using CloudFlare and looking for ways to earn money from your site, turning the VigLink App on will allow you to earn money from your site’s content — easily and unintrusively.  Details here.You can turn the app on for your site in just a few clicks.Step 1: Click HereYou’ll be taken to the VigLink App page on CloudFlare’s site.Step 2: Click “Manage”
It will be the green button in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Step 3: Click OnYou’ll see an On/Off button. By default it will be set to off. Click it to turn VigLink on.

Easy right?  You’ll receive an automated email from us with account details once you turn the app on.If you’d like to turn VigLink on for all your domains you’ll want to go through the process for each one.If you have questions as you complete the process visit our support forum and we’ll be happy to help.
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