Optimizing Revenue: Dashboard Best Practices

This is the first in a series of monthly blog posts centered around how current customers can grow their existing VigLink revenue stream.

Using the Dashboard to Optimize Links & Grow Revenue

Did you know that by understanding how your site is earning revenue you can take action to increase the amount that you earn?

The VigLink dashboard gives you complete visibility into how revenue is earned and which merchants and links your readers naturally prefer. If you have a current VigLink account, take a moment to login to the dashboard.  You’ll see not only where your revenue comes from, but the links to merchants that monetize best for you.The VigLink dashboard gives you access to revenue by merchant, clicks to that merchant, purchases (actions), and the revenue per click earned.This is the secret sauce that you need to optimize your site’s revenue stream.What the VigLink dashboard tells you:

  • Which links your readers click on the most
  • Which links result in the most purchases
  • Which links drive the most revenue for you

With this information you can orient your links to the merchants, and even the products, that generate the most revenue for you.For forum administrators: You can introduce topic threads that discuss the merchants and products that have historically converted best for you.  If your visitors share links to those merchants or products VigLink will automatically affiliate them.For bloggers and content publishers:

There are three things you can do to control and maximize the revenue your site generates:
  1. You can generate content appropriate for your site with links to the merchants that convert best for your readers.
  2. You can generate content appropriate for your site with links to the products that have the highest conversion rates.
  3. You can generate content appropriate for your site with links to the products that generate the largest commissions for you.

You know your readers, and as a result are able to create content that they find engaging.  Using VigLink you can also leverage your understanding of what your readers like to help guide them to the products they are most interested in and the merchants they are most comfortable purchasing from.In short, the VigLink dashboard gives you the insight required to actively manage and optimize the revenue your content generates.

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