A/B Testing your Landing Pages

At this week’s Affiliate Summit Meetup we heard from Beth Kirsch, a consumer internet and customer acquisition expert.  She spent about a half hour talking about all things landing pages, specifically the whys and hows of A/B testing your landing pages.

Why It’s Important

If you aren’t already sold on the concept, check out this slide:

Audible, an audiobook company owned by Amazon, experienced a 25% increase in conversions as well as affiliate payouts as a result of A/B testing (and the increase in payouts didn’t involve an increase in commission rates).

If a marketer’s natural intuition was able to find the right combination of landing page elements on the first try, Kirsch wouldn’t have seen this lift in conversion rate.

In short: your gut isn’t good enough.  You have to test to see what works.

Resources to Help

Kirsch shared a number of resources (some totally free) that you can check out to get started A/B testing on your own:

  • Google Website Optimizer (free)
  • Visual Web Optimizer (easier to use than Google’s tool but there is a fee)
  • Which Test Won (features A/B test case studies)
  • Marketing Sherpa Landing Page Handbook (a comprehensive guide to landing pages, there is a cost attached)

Overall it was a great evening and Beth shared some really excellent insights.  I recommend you check out the full copy of her presentation below for additional A/B test examples.

Until next time…

Anna Cunningham | Social Media Manager | VigLink



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