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This is part of a series of monthly blog posts centered around how current customers can grow their existing VigLink revenue stream.We frequently hear from customers wondering what they can do to continue to grow their monthly VigLink payment.  There are a variety of factors that feed into how much money you earn via VigLink (the traffic your site receives, the topics your site’s content is focused around), but one of the most critical ones is the number of outbound links your site has.  As a result, adding additional links to your site, specifically links that direct visitors to a qualified VigLink merchant, can have a significant impact on your monthly payout.Here are 4 “best practice” tips to get you started optimizing your links.

4 Tips to Optimize Links

1. Make sure existing hyperlinks are working. This may seem obvious, but it isn’t uncommon for a forum or blog’s content management system (CMS) to strip out hyperlinks if the site owner doesn’t explicitly state that:https://www.viglink.comshould behttps://www.viglink.comOften this can be fixed with a simple modification to your CMS’ or forum management software’s settings.2. Encourage conversation around links / products / merchants. Particularly if you are a forum owner, this tip can be hugely valuable.  Encourage conversation threads around the products and merchants that you have earned revenue from in the past and share hyperlinks where your visitors can purchase those products.One example: a forum owner whose site is focused on automobiles creates discussion threads around the five most popular auto parts on his site (as determined by his VigLink dashboard) and shares links to several sites that offer a good price on the part.  He asks forum participants what their experience has been with each of the merchants / parts and encourages them to share their opinion.3. Encourage links to be shared. Ask your readers to engage with your content by sharing links.  For example, if you are a blogger reviewing a new kitchen gadget, at the conclusion of your review ask your readers to share their favorite kitchen gadget in the comments section.  This exercise will not only lead to more links, but also product conversations where your readers are more engaged with your content.  And of course, don’t forget to always add a link to a merchant that sells the actual product that you are reviewing.4. Be generous with links. For any given blog post (or page of content) aim to have 3 – 5 hyperlinks as resources for the reader.  2 – 3 of these should direct to online merchants’ sites.  If you have lots of old content that is missing the mark on the 3 – 5 rule (and your site has a search functionality), you can do a few quick searches to find out where it makes sense to add additional links.  To determine what to search for, login to your VigLink Dashboard and find out:

  • who your top merchants are
  • what your top products are

…and then search around those terms.  One example:Your site is a blog that focuses on music.  Your top merchants are Amazon and Best Buy and your top products are CDs and DVDs.  You search for: music, Amazon, download, CD, DVD, new music, listen, and watch (and link around these terms).


Each of these steps take just a few minutes to implement, but can have a huge impact on your monthly revenue.  Try them out and then share your stories / questions on our Facebook page.

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