Dr. Gabor Melli, Renowned Data Scientist, Joins VigLink

The expert in data mining welcomes Dr. Gabor Melli, an expert in data analytics and co-chair of Data Mining Case Studies workshop series, has joined VigLink in the role of Principal Data Scientist.Through his consulting firm, Gabor has spent the last decade leading projects at large organizations such as Microsoft and AT&T wireless, where he applied his expertise in data analysis and machine learning to improve business processes. He is an active participant in the data mining research community, has published over 16 papers in the field, and is the current author of an online data mining ontology that receives ~1700 unique visitors per day. Last year he completed a PhD in semantic natural language processing at Simon Fraser University – his project included question answering, information extraction and ontology-based shallow semantic parsing. Gabor’s research and work experience is highly relevant in the context of VigLink’s data-intensive projects.We’re excited to welcome him to the team! Gabor will lead the ongoing effort to improve our  link insertion technology and help you earn more with VigLink. Take a moment to get to know him and the organizations he is passionate about, below.Dr. Gabor Melli on LinkedInData Mining Case Studies2011 International Conference on Data Mining

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