Earn More via Affiliate Marketing: No Tech Skills or Time Required

We have the opportunity to meet a lot of experienced publishers at events and meetups that host sites with an incredibly rich set of content and a vibrant community of readers.  But, quite a few don’t do much beyond banner ads and Google AdSense to monetize their site.When we ask why, it typically comes down to one of two concerns:

  • Time (not enough of it)
  • Skill (not sure what else to do, or how to do it)

Affiliate marketing is an ideal way to augment banner ads and Google AdSense — and it need not be a time sink or full scale engineering project.  The solution: automate it!VigLink automatically monetizes your content on your bahalf — allowing you to successfully leverage affiliate marketing as an additional revenue stream for your site, no additional time or complicated configuration required.What you do: create great, high-quality content for your readers, that touches on merchants, products and brands.What we do: monetize it!How?You add a piece of code to your site.Or, easier yet, you activate a VigLink plugin within your CMS.That’s it. Really.Once you’ve created an account with VigLink and added the code to your site, we immediately swing into action:

  • automatically affiliating any outbound links to online merchants that aren’t already affiliated
  • automatically finding additional monetization opportunities where your content references product, merchants and brands (but no links exist).  In those areas, we’ll carefully weave in appropriate links to online merchants.

You just focus on creating great content. We do the rest. And we send you a payment each month reflecting the volume of outbound clicks and sales your links generated.All easily and automatically.So think you don’t have the time or skill to become an affiliate marketer? Think again. Sign up for VigLink and we’ll take your revenue to the next level!

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