Deliver Easy Content Monetization: Become a VigLink Platform Partner and Help your Customers Earn More

Publishers typically partner with VigLink in one of two ways: directly, by adding a code snippet to the footer of their site, or via a 3rd party platform that allows users to easily activate VigLink within the site’s own user interface.Current platform partners include CloudFlare, Tapatalk, Invision Power Boards, and many more.Becoming a VigLink Partner is an easy way to help your customers monetize their sites, while also securing an additional revenue stream for your company as well.

VigLink Integration is as Easy as 1-2-3

Integrating with VigLink requires setting-up a sub-user implementation for your users, a very straight-forward process:

  1. The first step in the process is creating a VigLink account.
  2. Next, you’ll create sub-id values (an identifier unique to each sub-user) for each of your customers.
  3. Finally, you’ll display a link to the sub-user’s VigLink account so they can view their VigLink dashboard.

A detailed overview of each of these steps, as well as specific examples of what each might look like, can be found in our VigLink Partners’ Technical Specification Guide.

Partnership Benefits

Partnering with VigLink offers a number of benefits:

  • An additional revenue stream for your platform
  • An additional revenue stream for each of your customers
  • A detailed analytics package for each of your customers, delivering insights into their outbound traffic

Getting Started

VigLink is available to provide direct support as needed during the set-up process. We’re also happy to answer initial questions or set-up your VigLink account for you.Send us an email to and we’ll get you started!

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