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How to Successfully Leverage Product Reviews to Earn More

A high percentage of online publishers and bloggers feature product reviews in some capacity on their site.  Product reviews are an ideal type of content to generate revenue for a number of reasons:

  • they create additional opportunities to add affiliate marketing links to your site, in a seamless, natural way
  • they focus readers’ attention on products and services, creating a high degree of purchase intent (e.g. more clicks and ultimately sales)
  • they offer an opportunity to engage with readers (finding out what THEY think about a particularly product)
  • they are relatively easy to create

But, there are also drawbacks and potential pitfalls associated with publishing product reviews.  Namely, if you only publish product reviews focused on merchants and brands that approach YOU (rather than merchants and brands you actually use, like, and would recommend), readers may not find the content as informative and helpful, and ultimately it may not earn you very much additional revenue.The nice thing about VigLink is that it allows publishers to keep their focus squarely on creating great content with integrity, and not who will pay them the most to create it. In the case of product reviews, this means being able to review the products you actually use, and that you think will be helpful to your readers. We do the work of monetizing each of the links that go to a merchant where you can buy the product, and ensure you receive a payment when a click to an eligible merchant results in a sale.Here are a few best practices for building, optimizing and sharing product reviews on your site with VigLink.

Select Products You Know & Fit your Site

When deciding which products to review, take into consideration the products you are already familiar with, as well as which products will be appropriate for your site and its audience.A good brainstorming tool here can be the VigLink dashboard.  You can quickly see which products your readers are interest in. If there are products your readers are consistently buying or seeking more information on, it would make sense to dedicate a product review to each.

Do Your Research

Once you’ve selected a product to review, spend some time researching the product.  In addition to a Google search to see what others have experienced with the product, it is ideal to:

  • use the product yourself (if at all possible)
  • ask friends what they think about the product (you can use email, FB, or Twitter, so this doesn’t have to be a time consuming task)

Share Where to Buy

Every product review should include one or more direct links to an online merchant where readers can buy the product.The best way to do this is to dedicate a section within the product review to cost details and a preferred merchant. Be sure the merchant is part of the VigLink network using our merchant checker tool.When you publish the review, VigLink will secure a commission or payment on each click or sale that originates from your merchant link — putting more money in your pocket!

Keep the Conversation Going

A product review will be more valuable to your readers if it features more than one perspective. Be sure to offer your readers a way to provide their own thoughts, comments and feedback on the product (either in a comments section or within a forum thread).This will not only add depth to your original review but also create additional links to be shared, and additional clicks to be generated that will earn you revenue.

Promote your Review

Once you’ve published your review, be sure to promote it via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks where you have an active presence.We want to know: what’s missing? What are your tips for building excellent product reviews? What’s worked for you? What hasn’t? Email us at

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