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Holiday Top 10 List: The Mobile Devices your Readers are Buying

This is the third in a series of weekly blog posts centered around the holiday products your readers are buying, based on actual VigLink sales data.November and December are the biggest online shopping months of the year – and Cyber Monday is less than 2 weeks away!To help you get the most out of the holiday shopping season, we’re sharing a top “ten” list that features the mobile devices, tables and accessories that readers’ are most interested in buying (based on actual VigLink sales data). The goal of each list is to help you understand what your readers are buying this holiday season, so you can create content and links around each item.

How to Use the List

Here’s how to use each list to increase your site’s revenue:

  • Create a blog entry, forum thread or webpage that features the list, a short explanation of each item, and a link where readers can find out more and purchase the item.


  • If you don’t think the entire list would be relevant to your particular set of readers, select the most relevant items from the list to post in a blog entry or forum thread. Provide a short explanation for each one and a link where readers can purchase it.

Note: copy and paste each link exactly as it appears below into your site. Modified links may not receive credit for clicks or purchases.Without further ado…

Mobile: Top 10 Products


  1. Kindle Wi-Fi 6″ E Ink Display
    The least expensive Kindle is Amazon’s #1 best seller and has the most 5-star reviews of any product on Amazon.
  2. iPhone 4S
    Just when you thought a smartphone couldn’t get any better, it just did — the iPhone 4S is sure to change the way you communicate.
  3. HTC EVO Phone
    HTC EVO 4G is a snazzy-looking Android touchscreen phone that houses a 1 GHz Qualcomm QSD 8650 processor for the smoothest mobile multi-tasking experience ever.
  4. iPod Touch
    Enjoy watching videos on the 3.5-inch Multi-touch Retina display of the iPod touch 4G at a stunning resolution of 960x640p.
  5. Earphone Headset for iPhone
    Light Weight, compact, stylish, replacement headset for all iPhones!
  6. HTC Sensation
    “HTC Sensation 4G is a fashionable touchscreen phone that houses the dual core Snapdragon 1.2 GHz processor.”
  7. iPhone 3G/3GS
    The inexpensive iPhone.  The 3GS with a full 3.5-inch screen, the iPhone 3GS cell phone gives you a clear view of all the contents and applications.
  8. Motorola Droid
    The popular Smartphone powered by Android 2.0 developed in partnership with Google and Verizon wireless.
  9. iPod Nano
    The Smallest iPod – A 1.54-inch color multi-touch display makes navigation unbelievably fast so your music is just a tap away.
  10. iPad 2
    Movies, games & books come alive on the stunning 9.7-inch widescreen LED Multi-Touch display of the Apple iPad 2.
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