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Announcing LinkWeaver Link Insertion

Today VigLink is introducing a new way we help you monetize your forum, blog and website content: Link Insertion powered by LinkWeaver technology.LinkWeaver identifies additional monetization opportunities within your content — allowing you to earn more revenue every month with VigLink!

How it Works

LinkWeaver delivers a unique approach to monetizing website content. The technology does not force advertising into content through links or display units that are only tangentially related to what a webpage’s content is referencing.Instead, each page of your website is individually analyzed with our proprietary technology and algorithms to determine what its content focus is, and the products and services that are referenced within it.  When references to products, product categories, merchants, brands or services are found – and no link exists for those references – we seamlessly weave a link into the page to allow the reader to quickly and easily find more information about the products referenced in the content, or to even make a purchase.It’s a publisher-friendly link insertion solution that actually adds value to the reader. Plus, LinkWeaver augments VigLink’s automated link affiliation solution and doesn’t interfere with any other monetization efforts (AdSense, banner ads, even other link insertion products). The revenue you earn from LinkWeaver is purely incremental.Here are a couple examples of LinkWeaver in action:Example 1: A product reference is detected and a link is added by LinkWeaver.Example 2: An online merchant reference is detected and a link is added by LinkWeaver.

What Publishers are Saying

In beta testing, LinkWeaver has been shown to increase VigLink revenue by as much as 40%.David Bott, founder of AVSForum.com, weighs in:“We’ve been using VigLink’s automated link affiliation for some time with great success. Recently, we activated link insertion and saw our VigLink revenue increase by nearly 40%. With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, the service is an important addition to our current monetization efforts. It is particularly appealing that LinkWeaver enhances a reader’s experience on the site in a remarkably unobtrusive way.”

How to Activate

Now is an ideal time to focus on monetizing your blog, website or forum content — and getting the most out of the bump in holiday shopping and spending we’ll be seeing during November and December.If you are a current VigLink user, activation is an easy three-step process:

  1. Login to your VigLink Account
  2. Navigate to the features tab in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  3. Turn Link Insertion from “OFF” to “ON” by clicking on the button next to “Link Insertion” (see screenshot below)

If you are new to VigLink, you’ll simply need to set-up an account before following the three steps above (free to do).Have a question? Send us an email at support@viglink.com and we are happy to help!And check out the announcement in its entirety here.

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