Access Top Affiliate Marketing Programs

Ever find the process of enrolling in, or getting approved by, a new affiliate marketing program painful?  It can mean endless emails, follow-up and hoops to jump through. Not to mention that there are literally thousands of merchants with affiliate programs, and it is frankly impossible to manually enroll in all of them.VigLink can help. We streamline the process of accessing new affiliate programs:

  1. When you create an account with VigLink you automatically have access to over 12,500 affiliate programs. Yes, AUTOMATICALLY. This includes all the big guys (Amazon, eBay, Overstock, Zappos, etc.).  If you install VigLink on your site and start sending traffic to one of these 12,500 advertisers, you will be immediately eligible to be compensated for that traffic.
  2. For those few merchants and advertisers that wish to approve which publishers send them traffic, we do the work of getting you approved. You send us an email, and we’ll contact the advertiser to get you approved by their program.

The end result: you maximize your affiliate revenue AND save time.  You’ll avoid the scenario where you add a link to an online merchant only to realize you haven’t been approved by their program yet, and you will never have to worry about having a link that is out-of-date or expired. Plus, with VigLink’s top-tier payouts, you’ll earn more as well.Click here to get started — and then tell us what you think!

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