3 Content Tips to Jump-start your January Revenue

December was a record month for online shopping, so you may be wondering how to keep your January sales strong.Here are a few tips you can implement now to ensure your January revenue measures up!Jump-start your Revenue

Tip 1: Help Readers Reach their Resolutions

Many of your readers have set New Years Resolutions for 2012 and many of those resolutions center around fitness and financial goals.Help your readers achieve their goals by building content and sharing product tips that center around health and fitness, as well as financial planning.  A few easy ways to do this:

  • Share deals on gym memberships (as an example, 24 Hour Fitness, with locations across the country, is an eligible VigLink merchant).
  • Ask readers what their favorite ways to get in shape are — and the equipment they use to do so (this will encourage links to be shared).
  • Share your favorite financial planning books, and ask readers to do the same (be sure to include a link where readers can purchase each one).

Tip 2: Help Readers Keep up with their Favorite Teams

Weekends in January (in the U.S.) will be dominated by football in many homes. If your readers are some of the millions of Americans whose weekends will revolve around watching NFL playoff games, help them get the most out of it by building content around the following themes:

  • Gear for fans. is a VigLink merchant and has fan gear for all your favorite teams. Share your favorite jerseys and other gear with your readers to generate additional clicks and revenue.
  • Memorabilia. eBay (also a VigLink merchant) has some great finds on sports memorabilia. Share your favorites with readers, and ask them to share their favorites as well.
  • Sporting equipment.  Why just watch when you can play? Share content that includes information on sporting equipment — special deals and favorite picks. and are both eligible VigLink merchants.

Tip 3: Test, Test … and then Test Some More!

Finally, be sure to use this month to A/B test content, landing pages, design, and ad options.  The risk of running an A/B test this month versus a month like December will be lower — and your wallet will thank you come the next holiday shopping season when your site is better optimized for engagement and revenue generation.Here’s to a profitable January to each of our VigLink publishers!

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