Publisher Spotlight: PCMech

About PCMech

PCMech was founded in the late 1990’s with a singular goal: to make technology understandable to the every-day user.  Its owner, technology enthusiast and professional blogger David Risley, launched the site initially as more of a hobby than anything else. “I enjoyed writing and creating the content,” said David. “But, slowly the site grew and I built out a larger team of writers to manage it.”

Today, the site’s blog and forum receive a combined 300,000 unique visitors and 479,000 page views each month. The site’s forum boasts nearly 55,000 members.

The Challenge: What Else is There?

David tested a multitude of monetization options before settling on a combo of direct advertising deals, AdSense, select affiliate relationships, and paid membership (which provides access to additional content, advanced forum privileges and premium newsletters).

But, like many publishers, he continued to wonder what else he could be doing to maximize the value of his content and community.

The Solution: Content Monetization

In May of 2010 David heard about VigLink and decided to test it. He added VigLink to his site and immediately began to see results.  By the end of the year the site was earning several hundred dollars each month via VigLink.

“What is great about VigLink is two-fold: 1) the solution doesn’t require any time on my team’s side to work as it should, and 2) it opens up opportunities for us to optimize our content and earn even more,” said David. “For a site that is all about making technology easy-to-use and understand, it’s been an ideal approach to monetizing content. VigLink does the heavy lifting and we get to focus on content and audience.”

VigLink gets PCMech paid for clicks from it’s content by automatically affiliating links to eligible online merchants on the site.

“Before VigLink, we had to make a special point of adding affiliate links to the site, so it just didn’t happen on a regular basis,” said David.  “Now, it’s not even something we have to think about. We focus on creating content that attracts readers that are in a buyer’s mindset and VigLink does the rest. It’s opened up a lot of possibilities for the site, in addition to a new revenue stream.”



By identifying commercial products mentioned within a publisher’s content, VigLink automatically invigorates those terms by transforming them into revenue generating hyperlinks whose destinations are determined in real-time, advertiser-bid auctions.