Tune in 3/27: Future of Publishing Talks Commenting Platforms & Communities

On March 27th we’ll be chatting with some of the biggest names in the commenting platforms and communities space as part of our latest episode of Future of Publishing. We’ll be covering everything from whether peer feedback is a positive or negative to how to avoid flame wars within a commenting community and how to monetize those communities as well.

Meet our panelists below, and then be sure to tune in here at 12pm pacific time on Tuesday March 27th to catch the broadcast.

Meet the Panelists

Daniel Ha | CEO & Founder | Disqus

Daniel Ha is the CEO and cofounder of Disqus. Daniel studied computer science engineering at UC Davis and interned at big companies before deciding to drop out of school to pursue the startup world. Disqus is the web’s discussion network, reaching over 700 million unique visitors every month and spanning nearly any topic or type of community imaginable. Disqus is funded by Y Combinator, Union Square Ventures, North Bridge Venture Partners, as well as many great angel investors.

Dan Gill | CEO & Founder | Huddler

Huddler is the next step in the evolution of online forums. As CEO, Dan and his team seek out and partner with the most knowledgeable and passionate forums online providing conversion to the Huddler Platform, as well as collaboration with seasoned monetization, marketing, community management, development, and other resources to facilitate site growth. Dan is a graduate of Stanford University where he was a 9 time All-American gymnast and international competitor for the United States National Team.

Jordan Kretchmer | CEO & Founder | Livefyre

Jordan is the Founder and CEO of Livefyre, the 50th largest site network on the web. Livefyre powers real-time communities across the web by replacing outdated static comment sections with live streams of conversation from the social web. In addition to working with tens of thousands of blogs, Livefyre works with some of the largest publishers in the world, including The New York Times, FOX Entertainment, National Geographic, and MTV. Prior to Livefyre, Jordan was the VP of Brand and Product at Current TV, and he ran digital product at two top 20 ad agencies.



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