VigLink Dashboard Gets Supercharged

VigLink rolls out a couple different kinds of updates. Some are entirely new features, others are targeted improvements to the core product. This past week our development team rolled out an update in the latter category that includes a set of cool updates to the dashboard and our outbound analytics package.

Next time you login to your VigLink account be on the lookout for these newest features.

Why Go Slow, When you Can Go Fast

VigLink is growing quickly (exciting!), but as we’ve added publishers to the network (read: lots more clicks and pageviews) it’s been important that the product scales with them. To that end, we’ve migrated dashboard data from mySQL to Cassandra.  The change allows us to handle billions of page views and hundreds of millions of clicks on a weekly basis with ease, accommodating even our largest publishers.

What it means for you: when you log in next you’ll notice quicker load times all around!

Affiliation Status on Out-Clicks

In the “Out-Clicks” section of the weekly dashboard we’ve added two new sections that indicate the affiliation “status” of outbound traffic to a particular domain, and outbound traffic overall.  Where you’ll notice it: a new column for affiliation “status” in the Destination Sites by Outbound Traffic table and a new section on Clicks by Affiliation Status next to the Most Clicked Links table (screenshots of both below).

Together, these two areas will make it easier to understand if traffic to a particular domain is being monetized, and as a whole, what percentage of your outbound traffic VigLink monetizes.

A quick guide to the three Status options you’ll see:

  1. A green semi-circle: This icon means links to that site were affiliated by VigLink.
  2. A green circle: This icon means that some links to this site were already affiliated; the rest were affiliated by VigLink.
  3. An empty circle: This icon means links to the site couldn’t be monetized.

Screenshot of the Destination Sites by Outbound Traffic table, found in the Out-Clicks section of the weekly dashboard. New Status column highlighted.

Screenshot of the Clicks by Affiliation Status summary table, found next to the Most Clicked links table in the Out-Clicks section of the weekly dashboard.  Highlighted portion new.

Origin Sites by Outbound Traffic

Last but not least we’ve also introduced a new table in the Out-Clicks section of the weekly dashboard that details which domains are seeing the most views and outclicks – particularly interesting if you are using the same API key on multiple sites.

Questions? We’d love to hear from you.



By identifying commercial products mentioned within a publisher’s content, VigLink automatically invigorates those terms by transforming them into revenue generating hyperlinks whose destinations are determined in real-time, advertiser-bid auctions.