How to Make Image Monetization Work for You: Future of Publishing

In last month’s Future of Publishing episode, we caught up with Chas Edwards of Luminate and Rey Flemings of Stipple to talk image monetization: how to make it work for you, what to take into consideration when selecting a solution, and how much you can earn.

Check out the two part series below, and then read on to meet the guests!

Part 1: What are a Publishers’ Options When it Comes to Image Monetization?

Part 2: How Much Money Can Publishers Make with Image Monetization?

Meet the Guests

Chas Edwards | CRO and Publisher Development | Luminate

Chas joined Luminate in 2010 as CRO and head of publisher development. Before Luminate, Chas served as publisher and chief revenue officer at Digg, the site that allows readers to organize content from across the web by voting on what they consider to be the best. For the four years prior to joining Digg, he was the co-founder (with John Battelle), publisher and chief revenue officer at Federated Media Publishing (FM), a next-generation media and publishing company that connects the highest quality conversational content (eg, Boing Boing, Mashable, Inhabitat, Dooce, NOTCOT and The Pioneer Woman) with leading brand marketers.

Previously, Chas was vice president of sales and marketing for CNET Networks’s B2B Portfolio, managing the team representing, ZDNet and TechRepublic to business-to-business marketers. Chas also served posts as VP for CNET’s broadband & webcasting unit and as VP of business development for mySimon, CNET Networks’s comparison-shopping portal. Prior to joining CNET Networks, Chas was the National Sales Manager for TechTV, a 24-hour cable TV channel and Web site dedicated to computing and the Internet (now owned by Comcast and called G4).

Rey Flemings | CEO & Founder | Stipple

Rey, a repeat entrepreneur, investor and advisor, conceived Stipple in 2008 and has led the company since inception.

Prior to founding Stipple, Rey led the Justin Timberlake family fund and technology incubator, Tennman Digital leading investments in numerous startups including Tapulous and Particle. His career has included founding and senior executive roles in several leading technology and media companies.



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