Illinois Affiliate Nexus Tax is No More

Thirteen months ago Illinois state governor Pat Quinn signed into law an affiliate nexus tax that forced 9,000 affiliate marketers either out of the state of Illinois, or out of a significant portion of their affiliate marketing revenue.  Shortly thereafter the Performance Marketing Association (PMA) filed suit against the state of Illinois challenging the constitutionality of the law.

We’re pleased to report that this past week a judge ruled in favor of the PMA — ruling the law unconstitutional and taking it offline.

You might recall that at the time the law passed we had offices in Chicago, which we chose to close as a result of the law.  We’re pleased today that so many affiliates that were unable to leave the state will be able to get back to business as usual — but more so, hopeful that this will push us closer towards a Federal solution that would address the issue of affiliate nexus tax laws nationwide.

Check out the full story here or via the video below, courtesy of ABC News.



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