7 Steps to Building a Great Blog Post [SF Blog Club Recap]

At last night’s SF Blog Club we heard from Tom Treanor, CEO of Right Mix Marketing and social media marketing consultant and teacher. He shared his workflow for building a blog entry, along with tips and tools to ensure you get each step right.

Here’s the process and questions we worked through as we each developed a draft post:

  1. First ask: what do your customers care about?
  2. Formulate your topic
  3. Determine your angle / headline
  4. Myths or Mistakes (this was the angle we decided to run with last night)
  5. Draft an opening
  6. Build a close and include a call to action
  7. Don’t forget to include a picture!

If you ever find yourself with “writer’s block” — or just unsure of where to get started with your next blog post, the presentation below will be a great resource going forward.

Looking forward to next time!



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