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The Hidden Cost of Manual Link Affiliation

Ahhh yes, the benefits of website ownership: working from anywhere, choosing your own hours, and manually setting up your affiliate links. Well, we’ve never met anyone who calls “affiliate link tagging” a perk of website ownership either. From a big affiliate who’s dedicated staff to the chore, to an independent affiliate suffering through the tedium and frustration in spreadsheets (or worse still, a network portal), adding affiliate IDs by hand can be costly. For most sites, there’s a better way.Let’s explore three cases where manually affiliating the links in your content could limit your earnings:User-generated content
If your site has social features, odds are users are leaving links in comments and posts on your site. At best, manually affiliating these links is time-consuming and likely a technical challenge; at worst, you may not even be approved for the specific merchant program. If you want to get paid for these links, you’ll want to look to automation — VigLink automatically affiliates links within user generated content across more than 30,000 merchants.Affiliate Program Changes
It’s bound to happen at some point to any affiliate marketer — hundreds of hours of work manually formatting affiliate links, completely undone over the course of one weekend when a merchant moves from one affiliate network to another or closes their public program altogether. Not only are the links no longer earning money, they may not even work at all. With broken links, users quickly lose faith and abandon. Customers who use VigLink never skip a beat — links to merchants just keep working (and the checks keep coming).Revenue Maximization
The affiliate playing field is heavily tipped in favor of the biggest and best performing affiliates. Most merchants openly offer preferential rates to top affiliates and privately agree to additional incentives with a select few partners. Go it alone and you’ll be hard pressed to maximize your payouts. When you work with VigLink to automate your link affiliation, you can count on our scale and relationships to deliver higher paying programs for your links.Savvy website owners know their first priority is building an awesome experience that keeps users coming back. After all, without users, efforts to monetize won’t pay off.  So spend time on the stuff that matters most – great content, features, and design – rather than signing up and sifting through dozens of affiliate programs, pulling down tags, and editing links. Focus on your users, link naturally and let VigLink take care of the rest. Whitney, VigLink Marketing Communications Manager

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