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Sovrn has acquired VigLink

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Now Anyone Can Take VigLink Anywhere

We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for publishers to take advantage of VigLink’s enormous reach into more than 30,000 merchants. For links in sites, forums, blogs, mobile apps, even desktop apps, monetization is done effortlessly through the use of our Javascript or API. However, publishers have been hankering for a way to take VigLink further, into the world of social media and beyond. Today, we’re excited to open up the earning power of VigLink to anyone who posts content – wherever they post it.With the launch of our new tool, now you can wrap a URL with VigLink and our automatic affiliation goes wherever your link goes. Links you post to Twitter, Facebook or even emails can take VigLink and our ever expanding universe of merchants along for the ride. VigLink makes it easy to simply post and earn commissions, avoiding the tedious chore of signing up for individual programs and finding the right affiliate link for each post.It’s easy to use. Just drop your URL in the link wrapper and we’ll return one that can earn you money. We’ve built in the option to automatically shorten the URL through, or you can use any link shortener you’d prefer. Savvy affiliate marketers will notice that the URLs use a consistent structure, and can easily build them in bulk by following a few simple instructions.If you’re as excited as we are, help us spread the word! VigLink has its own affiliate program and when you refer someone, you can earn up to 35% of our commission for their first year.

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