Forum Monetization with VigLink

We built VigLink on the idea that site owners should be compensated for the hard work they put in starting, maintaining and growing their sites. Forum owners are no exception and that’s exactly why we’ve decided to address the unique aspects of forum monetization with VigLink. In this post, we’ll outline how VigLink monetization works for forums and some best practices for maximizing earnings.Links posted on a forum can have significant earning potential – even if they’re posted by users. But turning potential earnings into actual money in the bank can be more trouble than it’s worth. That’s where VigLink comes in. VigLink technology works in two ways. First, we convert existing links into links that can make money. Your community members are constantly posting links to brands, products and sites they know and love. We make it easy to capture the value of these links. Most retailers are actually willing to pay for clicks to their site that turn into purchases. We automatically wire up your clicks to participate in these programs. Second, our advanced technology can automatically link references to products in forum posts. Often, forum members may simply forget or not go to the trouble of adding a link. VigLink conveniently adds the link so users don’t have to hunt for the product and you get credit for the click. To make this work well, VigLink has established relationships with over 30,000 merchants, more than any other link monetization service. Just about any link that can earn money will earn money.Of course, as with any monetization strategy, there are some best practices that are worth keeping top-of-mind in order to help you take your earnings to the next level. Here are four simple ideas you can put into practice today:

  1. Log in to your VigLink dashboard often to monitor what content is converting the best within your forum. If, for example, digital cameras are converting well, expand upon that content by creating new threads about digital cameras and encouraging people to post about their favorite one. If a particular camera retailer is performing well for you, expand upon that retailer. The VigLink Dashboard is your roadmap to revenue.
  2. Create threads that are retail-oriented and encourage members to post links. “Great deals” and “show and tell” threads prompt members to link out to products. Try starting a thread called “Great eBay Finds” and see the links enumerate. Using specific, meaningful product topics never hurts either. Starting a thread called “Best Speakers under $1,000” prompts users to reference products specifically. Then, post a link to that particular thread to other forums, including competitive ones.
  3. See a particular member who posts a lot of links? Consider reaching out to them directly with encouragement. You could promote them to moderator or even consider a rev-share as a reward.
  4. Make sure the conversation keeps going. Threads will stall unless you or your moderators keep them going. Ask another question or share something new to foster the continuation of product-related conversation.

There’s a reason VigLink is chosen by top forums – our solution is easy to implement, is maintenance-free, and perhaps most importantly, has virtually no impact on the community’s experience. Rather than bombarding your users with pesky, irrelevant banner ads, VigLink integrates seamlessly into posted content, so the conversation members came to enjoy is not compromised for the sake of trying to make a buck. VigLink is not a pop-up ad company; our technology doesn’t pretend to link words only to open up an irrelevant ad as the user inadvertently hovers over a double underline. We take a totally different approach – one that’s far more natural and organic.We encourage you to sign up and find the tactics that work best for your forum by testing some of these ideas. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback – we’re always just an email away at Smith, VigLink Marketing Communications Manager

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