Tech Recruiting Can Be Ruthless: VigLink’s Team is World-Class

Yesterday, VentureBeat published a piece I wrote highlighting some of the challenges and best practices associated with tech recruiting. I wanted to share this with VigLink Blog readers because I know many of you are also building out your engineering teams. As I state in the post, tech recruiting can be ruthless. I touch on tips across a number of areas, including keeping candidates warm, negotiating competitive offers, and managing relationships with other recruiters.

Everyone at VigLink works hard to ensure that our engineering team is world-class. Our advanced technology requires the best minds in the business. Though tech recruiting can indeed be ruthless, perseverance (and taking the high road) pays off. I am so proud of the fantastic engineering team we have today. Interested in joining us? We’re always looking for stellar minds. If that’s you, send us your resume at

Megan Hopkins, VigLink Technical Recruiter



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