Introducing VigLink’s #HolidayInsider Campaign

Thanksgiving has come and gone in the US, and, in turn, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have as well.  Did you get in on the action?  The past 7 days made for a huge earnings week among VigLink publishers.  We want to help you keep your earnings up for the rest of the year, and what better way to do that than to capitalize on the biggest shopping season of the year?  Here’s how:

Our Merchant Team updates both the page and the Twitter handle often, so you stay up-to-the-minute on how to maximize your link revenue this December.The potential for earnings is huge in December.  Won’t take our word for it?  Take a look at these stats from

  • In 2012, holiday sales will reach $925 billion
  • 24% of holiday sales will be online
  • Retail web sales will increase 12% over last holiday season
  • eCommerce will make up $224 billion in sales in 2012
  • The average holiday shopper spends $107.50 on themselves

That’s crazy spending.  And if you don’t take advantage of it, someone else will.So after keeping up with the hottest #HolidayInsider deals on VigLink Insider and @VigLinkInsider, what best practices should you keep in mind when creating holiday content?  Here’s a list to help get the creative juices flowing:

  • Use descriptive language: Links to products that exist without description are less likely to spark someone’s interest.  Sell the product a bit!
  • Use images: Images work much the same way descriptive language does.  They bring life and detail to the product.  Plus, they’re likely to do some of the product selling for you.
  • Spark discussions: Your readers have opinions on products, too.  Why not encourage them to share links to products on your site? If you’re using our Link Insertion feature, those product references will be automatically linked and affiliated for you. Encourage posts by asking questions like “what are you getting your significant other this year?”
  • Focus on sharing deals: Your readers are more likely to make a purchase decision if they feel like they’re getting a deal, such as discounted pricing or free shipping. If you find a great deal, share it! It’s more likely to convert.

December shopping will be over before we know it, and the publishers who took the time to maximize their content for Holiday spending season will see increased earnings.  We’d love to hear your ideas for maximizing Holiday revenue on your site or forum this year.  Please share them by emailing Holidays!Whitney Smith, VigLink Marketing Communications Manager

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