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Introducing VigLink Merchant Explorer

 30,000 merchants is, well, a lot. Still, our publishers need to know which merchants they can monetize through VigLink. That’s why we released the new Merchant Explorer: a comprehensive, searchable view into every merchant covered.VigLink Merchant ExplorerNow anyone can learn more about the merchants that monetize through VigLink.

  • Search specific merchants, such as Nordstrom
  • Browse categories, such as fashion
  • See up-to-date commission information
  • Open to the public

Visitors will see that many merchants sport an “Insider” badge. These merchants have raised their commissions by at least 25%. This means publishers can actually earn as much or more through VigLink than they would by going direct.The next time you’re wondering if VigLink covers a merchant or two (or two thousand), just click over to viglink.com/explorer and we’ll let you know. Ask away!

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