London’s Finest

London has always been a leader in fashion but it is about to become the leader in progressive shopping thanks to LN-CC ( Late Night Chameleon Cafe). Who have created a shop that ‘acts as an evolving platform of curated ideas’ and covers all the latest must haves in men’s and women’s fashion as well as music and books.

The ‘store’, if it really can be reduced to such a mundane label, also has four individual product rooms, a library, a record store, a gallery and even offers a club space for after hour enjoyment equipped with a vintage soundsystem.

It is a London fashion dream and although you are only able to be visited the store by appointment the whole LN-CC experience can be accessed through their online site. And, even better news for all of you who want to follow the must-have-fashion collections of LN -CC they have  just increased their commission for VigLink users.



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