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Introducing the New VigLink.com

You’ve probably noticed we’ve added a fresh coat of paint, and a few new pictures to brighten up the place. We’re proud to welcome you to the new VigLink.com! Allow us to show you around.VigLink.comOur goal was to make it easier for everyone to understand what we do and who we do it for. We now have new pages dedicated to the many different kinds of publishers that choose to work with us. Whether you’re a blogger, a forum owner, or a mobile app developer, we’ve got a page explaining how VigLink works for you and a tool to let you preview VigLink on your site without an account (find this by scrolling down to the bottom of the How it Works page).Meanwhile, the new VigLink works just as it always has. We’ve just created some new product names to help make what we do a bit easier to understand. VigLink now offers three products:VigLink Convert automatically converts existing links into monetized links.VigLink Insert automatically inserts new links when our technology detects mentions of products, brands, or stores. This can be enabled by visiting your settings. When turned on, publishers typically get more than half of their earnings from VigLink Insert.VigLink Anywhere, previously known as the link wrapper, allows anyone to post a link that earns anywhere on the web, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.You can always sign in to adjust your settings, check your dashboard, or edit your account information. Don’t forget to stop by the new referrals page to grab some new banners and earn 35% of our commission for the first year with any new account you sign up.VigLink referral programWe hope you love the new VigLink.com and give us a shout @VigLink if you need anything.  

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