Barnes & Noble: Now Earn 8% on All Digital Products!

Barnes & Noble has increased their commission to 8% for U.S. purchases on all digital products exclusively for VigLink users. That now includes NOOK, NOOK warranty and accessories, and  ETextbooks and EBooks.

Nook Sale

For a limited time your readers can save up to $30 on NOOK Tablets and ereaders. NOOK makes it easy to read and watch movies anywhere you like. It’s sharp screen and comfortable body makes it an ideal tablet for all users.  So don’t miss the chance to be one of the first publishers to promote this launch and start earning a great commission.




By identifying commercial products mentioned within a publisher’s content, VigLink automatically invigorates those terms by transforming them into revenue generating hyperlinks whose destinations are determined in real-time, advertiser-bid auctions.