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The Best Blogging Tips From #ThinkTank13

The Best Blogging Tips From #ThinkTank13

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This past week some of the VigLink team traveled to the Mile High City (Denver) for the 8th annual ShareASale ThinkTank. The 3-day event brought together 30 merchants/retailers and over 100 bloggers/affiliates to partake in one-on-one educational sessions, small group workshops, and informative talks from keynote speakers.With such a large amount of bloggers attending, it was no secret that the conference was focused on the importance of content in the affiliate space. Each session of the event was valuable in its own way and all of them encouraged participants to engage and share their best content practices and strategies with each other. Not surprisingly then, the most important takeaways from the conference were straight from the publishers themselves.

Make It Count

Your voice is a powerful tool within the Internet.  It is influential and persuasive and makes you stand out. Therefore, make every word count! Avoid posting mediocre content just to post something every day.  Take your time and think about each post!

Add Value to Your Words

More valuable and rich content will more likely get engagement from your audience and make your content sharable. When discussing a product, retailer, or brand think about taking your review to the next level and adding a link. This link is adding value to your words and giving your audience an opportunity to read more about the product, see product reviews, and have the chance to buy the product.

Relationships are key

The entire foundation of affiliate marketing is dependent on the relationship between three important partners: the merchant, the publisher, and the consumer. No merchant, publisher, or consumer is the same. They each have different wants and needs. Therefore, they each need a different formula to be successful. Like any relationship, you need to be willing to work to develop it and adaptable in figuring out what works best for all parties involved. Treat your affiliate relationships like a real friendship. Check in with your merchants, see if your publishers have access to all the resources they need to be successful, and ask what your audience wants from you. 

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