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It’s Time to Optimize Your Mobile Monetization!

It’s Time to Optimize Your Mobile Monetization!

After last week’s news from PCMag that iOS ruled shopping this festive season. We knew it was time to source some additional expert knowledge on effectively monetizing your mobile site. We asked our friends at engage:BDR to share some of their top advice on effective ways to make your mobile site monetized.4697192856_0f3a541688_zWe all know that having an aesthetically pleasing, easy to use site is an important part of maintaining and growing an audience, which in turn can be used to monetize your content through strategic advertisements. However, this fails to factor in an important thing: your mobile presence. A staggering amount of Americans today spend as much, if not more, time browsing content and shopping for new items on their mobile devices. In fact, Lenovo, the world’s top PC vendor, actually sells more smartphones and tablets than PCs. Because of this, it is becoming more and more important for publishers to be just as strategic about designing and monetizing their mobile presence.Once you have created a site that is easy to navigate on a mobile device, there are a few strategic things you can do to effectively monetize it. There are new technologies, which enable pixel-free domain, within content, native advertising strategies (ahem, you don’t need to look far to find a great example of this). There are some other additional approaches we have found work well. Two of our favorites are:-Keep a banner on the actual page at all times, at either the top or bottom of the page. Have it refresh after 30 seconds with a new banner, so you can still monetize it while keeping the placement in a viewable spot. This creates a visual stimulus, which will slightly shift the reader’s attention and help the performance of ads, which will keep your advertisers happy.-Use interstitials on long articles. This needn’t be done on every click, but one or two per visit can be highly effective. These perform very well, and you can charge a price that reflects their performance.If you are interested in learning more or have more questions on any of the above, please leave a comment or contact us on, provides results-driven marketing solutions, advanced technology and custom programming by integrating display, mobile and video advertising along with branded entertainment all in one place. engage:BDR offers premium, publisher direct full-service display and video ad networks as well as an RTB ecosystem, a licensable ad server, and video production. Advertisers, publishers and affiliates alike rely on engage:BDR for high performing, cost effective online advertising. 

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