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The Best Content Sharing Widgets to Generate Traffic

The Best Content Sharing Widgets to Generate Traffic

We are delighted to share the latest iFabbo* guest post. For their January edition, Jessica Berger,  @JezzDallas,  iFabbo‘s Content Developer shares her expert advice on the best content sharing widgets. Your blog is looking great but the amount of daily visitor numbers could be better? You lack interaction on your site and wish for more people to see the content you worked on so hard? Well, you are certainly not alone with these thoughts and luckily there are plenty of widgets available to use on your blog that can help generate more traffic and enhance the visibility of all your posts.5658692621_5d85d761fc_z

Old but certainly not forgotten – the “You may also like” widgets

Most common under the content sharing widgets is LinkWithin. This widely known option enables you to place small thumbnail images and headlines underneath your posts to link back to related content on your blog. That way, older content won’t be forgotten and even posts from years back will still receive traffic. LinkWithin is easy to install, easy to handle and definitely reliable.Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – This WordPress-plugin will do exactly as it says: Introducing your readers to related content on your site. Easy installation and maximum results guaranteed.Also in the same category for WordPress only: Zemanta, Related and Related Posts Slider.

Ready to switch it up? Here are some more advanced platforms delivering a similar idea but with a twist.

Engageya – Choosing from a broader variety of thumbnail options is only the beginning. Here you will have the option of linking back to your own content or to mix it up with links to other websites of similar content. Why would you want to do that? Because every time someone clicks on those links, you earn money!nRelate – With an even better variety in design options for your thumbnails, this site provides you with the same idea. Share your own content via small snippets or via pay per click and earn money through sponsored links. Very subtle and extremely easy to use, this widget will look great on any blog.

Want to go even further? Take a look at these options for maximum traffic and engagement

If you are an already advanced or pro blogger with a large amount of blog traffic, the following platforms might offer the right solution that suits the needs of your blog and its brand. Outbrain – Get your posts recommended around the web. But here is the twist – This time you pay for maximum exposure. For a set budget of $10 minimum, Outbrain will place your content on other major websites that link back to you. Even your Youtube videos could be seen on relevant news and entertainment websites like US Weekly or Mobile friendly, you decide when, where and how many posts you want to share.If you’re not quite sure yet about Outbrain, you might like MGID or Taboola. Taboola is very similar to Outbrain but rather new in the business of “Content you may like” and MGID though in the same arena, offers its services for free.Gravity – Gravity lets you get personal. With the mission of personalizing the internet, this platform adds a unique twist to content sharing. Imagine browsing websites and only your favorite content shows up. How? Through the Gravity Sidebar. It offers a selection of the best content on your site tailored to the interest of your readers. Whenever they enter your site via Google,  Twitter or Facebook a news feed creates the content they probably would engage with most. If you don’t like the news feed, get one of the personalized widgets to install at the end of your posts. Additionally, sponsored posts will enable you to earn revenue.InLinkz – Why not throw a party to spread the word? You might be already familiar with the term “blog party” or “blog hopping”. One of the most engaging and usually efficient ways to meet new people, connect with fellow bloggers and drive traffic to your site. InLinkz can help you with creating the widget you need to get the party started and lets you easily install everything. You can even share the code with others if you want to add co-hosts to an event. For special events or just for fun, this is a great way to get noticed.Don’t forget, an important step is to always include the social sharing widgets for your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account. That way you can help your readers to engage with you and share your content for you. Try this Share-Widget for WordPress or AddThis. What is your favorite content sharing widget or plugin? Can you recommend other platforms that help with traffic and reader engagement?Want to know more about how to increase followers and social media reach? Watch the Increasing Followers and Engagement Panel of the iFabbo Social Media Conference via PPV and get the scoop from the experts. Click here.*More info on iFabbo: Founded in 2010, iFabbo™ is a leading international organization for fashion and beauty bloggers and publishers. iFabbo focuses on quality, engaged and vocal influencers who are at the forefront of online publishing and content creation.  iFabbo’s innovative product placement platform, The iFabbo SHOP, allows brands and technology companies to selectively seed their products to highly targeted influencers they want to reach. With thousands of quality members worldwide, iFabbo works with brand marketers, agencies and publishing partners to harness the power of social influencers through targeted, content-driven campaigns, events and conferences. Brands immediately garner a stronger online presence within the blogger community quickly and effectively, while members gain access to some of the most coveted beauty and fashion and technology items.  In addition to iFabbo’s product placement platform, the organization is a premier education provider by introducing new and emerging technology, tools and resources to its members so they remain informed and up-to-date in ways to enhance and develop their publishing career.  For more information on iFabbo visit

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