Jeff Atwood Takes to the Stage to Talk Communities

Jeff Atwood’s in the house! We are delighted to announce that tomorrow we are sponsoring and co-producing this month’s #SFCMGR meetup. We have started the year in true style, having the one and only Jeff Atwood take to the stage to talk about forums and online communities.

Jeff Atwood is the serial entrepreneur and all round geek guru behind the programming blog, Coding Horror, and he is the co-founder of the question-and-answer website Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange Network. His latest venture has taken him further into the world of online communities, where he has started an open source next-generation discussion platform called Discourse.

Discourse was developed due to Jeff’s (and others) dismay that forum technology had not evolved since the early 1990s.

He was our keynote speaker at last year’s ForumCon, where he wowed the crowds with his talk titled “Forums Are Dead, Long Live Forums.”

To build excitement for tomorrow, here is his thought provoking talk about the future of forums and communities:

We just can’t wait to hear about all the latest developments and what’s in store for the future of online communities.

To join us tomorrow, just RSVP here and head to the Twilio HQs (645 Harrison St. 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA), at 6.30pm tomorrow. Oh, and there will be free pizza and beer. What more could you ever want!

Written by Lucy Bartlett, Marketing Manager 



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