JOE’S Jeans: Double Commission!

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Los Angeles-based JOE’S was created in 2001 by founder and creative director, Joe Dahan.  JOE’S is a casual chic lifestyle brand synonymous with classic, modernized wardrobe staples. With over 12 years of influence in the fashion industry, JOE’S has remained true to its DNA throughout its expansion, embracing fashion and innovation through the creation of a fully faceted line for Men, Women and Kids.



Just in time for Valentine’s Day, JOE’S recently released their Valentine’s Day Essentials guide. Items found within this guide include an X Ring, paved with Swarovski Crystals, JOE’S Envelope Clutch, made of 100% leather, and a Laure Dress, inspired by Greece and combined with their own style of casual chic California.

We are excited to announce JOE’S Jeans has doubled their commission rate for VigLink users!




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