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There are lots of tools out there you can use to help promote yourself and your online business, but there are specific expert “tricks of the trade” you need to know to do it well. Bradley Taylor from Derby, England, is one of those experts doing it right. He kindly shares his top tips for using Facebook to promote your business successfully in today’s blog post. A little more on Bradley, he is a motoring enthusiast and loves writing about cars, everything automotive, and sharing tips on how to be the best blogger possible. You can find him on Twitter and connect with him on Google+ for more info and to read his other top writing tips. Facebook can be a pivotal entrepreneurial tool in securing an online presence for your home business. Due to the massive amount of users frequenting the site each day, you have a broad audience at your disposal to whom you can promote your business.facebook-business-card

Creating your page

The very first thing you need to do is create a Facebook page for your business. Simply go to Facebook’s ‘Advertising Section’ then click on ‘Pages’. The following page contains tabs such as ‘Overview’, ‘Prepare’ and ‘Step-by-Step’, all of which provide easy to follow steps for you to build your own page. Once you have familiarised yourself with the process, click ‘Create a Page’ to begin constructing your page. You can select a type of business for your page which provides specific customization options to suit your business needs. After doing this, it is time to give your page a name.You have 75 characters at your disposal with which to name your business. Think carefully about how you can title your page in order to receive the maximum amount of visitors to your site. For example, you could include certain terms related to your business which will help more people find you on Facebook. However, try to be fairly concise because overly long titles can often scare away users.To finalise the process click ‘Create Page’. Once created, your personal Facebook account will now become the ‘admin’ from your page, granting you the authority to manage the page’s settings and content. The next stage is adding your company information.Firstly, add a profile image to your page, such as your company logo or the product you are selling. Secondly, include a brief description of your business in the ‘Information’ box below your profile picture. Make sure you provide contact details in the ‘Info’ tab, so that your clients can view your company’s official website, ask you questions or contact you to purchase products.shidler-college-of-business-facebook-pages 

Promoting your page

Once you have finalised your page, it is time to publicise it. There are numerous methods you can use to promote your page and improve its online presence. One of these is to create a custom URL for your Facebook page. This will easily direct people to your page and raise the page ranking in search engine results pages. To do this, select a ‘Username‘ for your page. You will have the option to assign a username for your personal profile as well as usernames for your Facebook pages. Aim to use a simple, memorable name that is similar to your website name for branding purposes. Decide wisely! Also bear in mind that, according to Facebook policy, you must have at least twenty five fans before you can select a username.To further publicise your business page, become a fan of the page yourself and then forward it to all of your current Facebook friends. You can ‘Suggest To Friends’ en masse or target specific people, it’s up to you. Moreover, if you have any other social networks, websites or blogs then include links to your Facebook page on them. Simply go to Facebook’s widget page and use a ‘Page Badge’ or ‘Fan Box’ to place links onto your various sites. If you circulate any electronic newsletters or emails, you can include a link to your Facebook page on them as well. All of these methods will increase the exposure of your Facebook page and subsequently the online presence of your business.Additionally, you can invest in a Facebook advertisement. For a fee, you can create an advert which Facebook will display across their website. To do this, click ‘Promote with an ad’ and you will be presented with a series of steps wherein you can customize the details of your own advertisement. These include options such as targeting your advert to specific demographics. You can specialise your advert according to geographical location, age, gender, relationship status or employer. For example, if you are marketing an educational service such as Maths Doctor (who skyrocketed their business through a Facebook campaign), you can customize your ad to target potential students, as Maths Doctor did. These customizations enable Facebook to market your business to your target audience(s), improving your chances of acquiring lucrative business opportunities.One of the most successful ways you can promote your business on Facebook is through consistent posts. If you present your fans with interesting content and links, they will revisit your page more frequently, enabling your site to spread across Facebook, generating more fans and subsequently more business opportunities. Promoting your business on Facebook is a fundamental resource for any modern business. You can keep up to date with consumer demands, as well as interacting with your prospective customers on an engaging and instant platform. The possibilities are endless!facebook fact image

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