How To Optimize Your Site In 3 Easy Steps

We are often asked about the best ways to optimize your site and so we thought it was about time to get an expert in to share their top tips. Murray Newlands is the Editor of The Mail and knows a thing or two about optimizing sites. We let him take it from here.


We know that building an affiliate site or a blog can be an arduous task. It takes time and technical know how to really make it work and if you want to make money from it, you also need to know how to optimize it to convert. Unless you use a landing page builder, optimizing your site can be a painstaking process, and little mistakes can cost you clicks and sales. To help you out we’ve assembled this brief list of things to consider if you want to drive more conversions from your affiliate site or blog.

  1. Have a Sitemap — If you already have a site or a blog then ideally you should already have a sitemap. If a sitemap is something that you’ve overlooked along the way, it’s definitely time to build one. Whether you already have one or are building one, you should make sure that your sitemap provides an intuitive way for visitors to navigate through your site and make it easy for them to find exactly what they’re looking for. It’s unlikely that every visitor will take advantage your sitemap but those who do will probably end up completing your desired action. If you’re building a new page, start by creating an intuitive sitemap and if your site is older, you may want to take another look at your existing sitemap.

  2. Be Yourself — Having a unique personality, perspective, or voice will go a long way with your visitors and help your site build a fan base. Establishing a unique voice will separate your site from your competitors and help visitors build a relationship with your brand. An easy way to demonstrate that your site is unique and original is to write your own product descriptions and reviews and voice your opinions. If you prove to your visitors that you’re one of a kind you will build a relationship with them and hopefully convert them into returning customers.

  3. Make It Easy to Make a Purchase — The best way to ensure that your site does not convert is to make the checkout process long, difficult, or confusing. If you want to watch your abandonment rates increase instead of your conversions, then don’t worry about your checkout process. But if you’re like us and most other bloggers and affiliates, then conversions are important to your online business and you should make it easy for them to happen. This means streamlining your checkout process and making it as simple and efficient as it can possibly be. The easier it is for customers to make a purchase, the easier it is for you to make a sale.

Whether you’re a dedicated affiliate marketer or an avid blogger looking to monetize your site, these are some tips that can help you take full advantage of your page and increase conversions. If you have any questions, suggestions, or tips of your own please leave them in the comments section.




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