Selfridges: Now earn up to 10% commission

Selfridges now ship to over 60 countries including North America, Australia, the Middle East and Asia making it easy for customers across the globe. Get the ultimate update for your make-up bag from Dior, Guerlain and more!

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Voted “Best Department Store in the World” at the Global Department Store Summit in New York, Selfridges London is a national institution with the most famous shop windows in the world. The Manchester and Birmingham stores bring the same creative customer experience and now is positioned to create some magic online. Across every single department, from food to fashion, home to beauty, Selfridges sets the standard for up-to-the-minute style, lasting quality and exceptional customer service, all with a dose of creativity, wit and flair.

We are excited to announce Selfridges have increased their rate for all VigLink users! Now you can earn 10% commission on Fashion, 9% on Kids, 8% on Beauty, Home Accessories & Furniture, and Food & Wine




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