Facebook Bests Twitter in Traffic Quality

The latest findings from Publisher Roundtable show that Facebook ranks #1 when it comes to how satisfied publishers are with the quality of traffic. That’s the good news. The less good news is that only 40% of publishers are actually satisfied with their Facebook traffic. The next best was Pinterest with a discouraging 31% satisfaction rate.

social sat

The current Publisher Roundtable interview probes questions around how publishers build their audience. Over 250 publishers have already joined in. So far we’ve learned a lot about which channels drive repeat visitors (Social), which channels drive first time visitors (SEO), and which channels don’t help much at all (SEM).

To see more results, check out our press release. If you haven’t yet, join Publisher Roundtable and see where your numbers stack up compared to publishers of a similar size and type. It’s totally free and takes about 15 minutes.




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