FOX Rent A Car new 6% commission rate



We’re excited to announce FOX Rent A Car has just increased their rate to 6% commission!

FOX Rent A Car is the leading discount car rental company in the US. With 18 corporate locations to choose from in Florida, California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Washington and more. Taking a Spring Break vacation doesn’t mean you need to go far away. Consider day trips; one day in this direction, one day in that direction and you could see more in your home town and state than you ever knew existed! You’ll get the best of both worlds; you’ll get a vacation but you can sleep in your own bed each night without the cost of a hotel.  You may even be able to take advantage of residential discounts, where you are given a break on the total cost by showing your driver’s license as proof of residency. Help your readers get ready for their next vacation without breaking their bank. 




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