Promoting your site with Pinterest

We know a lot of you are using, or are starting to use, Pinterest, but you aren’t sure how to get the best out of it for helping promote your site. Since we are also newbie pinners, we thought we would bring in an expert, Bradley Taylor, to explain all the most pin-portant points we should know.

Pinterest is a rapidly expanding social network which you can use to promote your personal or professional site. The promotional potential of Pinterest is enormous; it currently has over 70 million users and research has revealed that users who were notified of products on Pinterest spent 70% more money on those products than users who were referred from other online networks. If you promote yourself effectively, you can capitalize upon this lucrative online audience.




What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a pin board style photo sharing website which enables users to create and manage theme-based image collections of their personal interests or professional services and products. Users are able to browse neighbouring pin boards for images which they can then ‘re-pin’ onto their own pin boards. They also have the ability to like and comment upon photos. This wealth of activities facilitate multiple ways in which you can innovatively promote your site.

Discover the Pinterest community

In order to promote your business to as large an online audience as possible, it is crucial you engage with other members of the Pinterest community. A great way in which you can increase your site’s online popularity and reputation is through following the activities of other Pinterest boards which are relevant to your site. If you regularly re-pin interesting pins and leave relevant comments on other boards, you can encourage and sustain further discussions and participation with other interest users. By communicating with other users. You can establish an online presence and develop trust between other users, thereby raising your credibility and motivating others to visit your site. Sustained, relevant communication between a large network of users facilitates a direct channel through which you can continue to promote your site to as many users as possible.

Generate original, thought-provoking content

In order to promote your site to its full potential, it is crucial that you generate content which users will be motivated to share with others across Pinterest. According to recent surveys, roughly 80% of all pins on Pinterest are re-pins. This highlights that your primary promotional objective should be generating unique, engaging content which other users will be urged to re-pin. There are multiple ways in which you can achieve this; generate vibrant and enticing infographics and photographs to spark user curiosity. When creating new content, you fundamental aim should be generating something which other users will feel compelled to share with others. If you can achieve this, you will exponentially increase the promotion of your site throughout Pinterest and other social networks.




Unite all of your current social networks

Following on from the previous point, it is highly beneficial to the promotion of your site if you share your Pinterest board across your other social networks. By amalgamating your social networking communities, you can generate a greater amount of online traffic towards your site. By facilitating total access to your site from across a myriad of social networks, you can substantially heighten online awareness towards your site; attracting, and engaging with, as large an audience as possible.

Piggyback popular pins!

Research is key to the promotional success of your site. It is vital that you analyze the most popular pins currently active on Pinterest. If you are conscious of the most popular products, services, topics and creative styles which are being shared across Pinterest, then you can tailor your pins to appeal to these interests. By customizing your Pinterest content to associate yourself with popular trends, you can promote your site to a larger audience, who will in turn be more inclined to visit your site because it is appeals to their stylistic interests and hobbies. For example, if your site addresses content associated with interior design, you can affiliate yourself with current trends such as Sash Smart; whose pins feature interesting window and glass designs or if you are interested in weddings follow Martha Stuart Weddings whose pins feature decorative wedding ideas. Subsequently, users will be motivated to visit your site because it caters specifically to their interests. Moreover, they will be inclined to re-pin or recommend your site to others who share this common interest; thereby promoting your site to a previously inaccessible audience.




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