Now earn 50% commission at Norton

We’re excited to announce we’ve increased rates for Norton by Symantec for all VigLink users. Now you can earn 50% commission 


Norton is launching their new Consumer and Small Business campaign Boldly Go“!  There is no longer any difference between our lives and our digital lives. Devices have become so integral to our daily existence that they’re practically extensions of our bodies. Norton’s purpose is to inspire and educate people with the information and tools they need to take full advantage of everything this amazing world has to offer-but safely.

What matters most to them are their customers’ lives. The things they can do when given the freedom to pursue them. It is about them being able to dive into this amazing world and experience everything it has to offer without fear. It’s about delivering the good, not preventing the bad. It’s about what happens when we arm them with the tools to protect themselves. So help your readers protect their devices so they can go boldly, not blindly.





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