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Who is Dominating eCommerce- Men or Women?

Stereotypes may have depicted women as the larger online shoppers but according to Bronto Software, that is not true, or at least not anymore. January 2015 research shows that three in 10 US male online shoppers reported making a purchase at least once per week, vs. fewer than one-fifth of female respondents.Check out this graph via eMarketer:eMarketer1Men are also more likely to actively shop, 62% said they shop online at least once per month or more, compared to 58% of women. This is an increase from last year when just 55% of men said they shop online at least once per month or more.When it comes to shopping on mobile devices, men showed us they are bigger spenders there too. According to a November 2014 study by Harris Poll, 35% of US adult male smartphone owners spent $51 or more each month on purchases via their phones, compared to 20% of females.Were you surprised by this data? Tweet us @VigLink and let us know! 

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Industry News,Uncategorized