Affiliate Summit East: “The eCommerce Power of Content” Takeaways

Last week, Affiliate Summit hosted its annual Affiliate Summit East (ASE) conference in New York. VigLink CEO and Founder Oliver Roup joined Vladimir Dusil, Co-Founder and CTO of PurseBlog, to discuss the the current state of the content eCommerce market. Scott Jangaro, Co-Founder and President of Shareist, led Oliver and Vladimir’s discussion on content distribution, the importance of publisher authenticity, and the challenges of mobile eCommerce.


Content is King, Distribution is Queen


Whether it be a video on Vimeo or YouTube, a photograph on Pinterest or Tumblr, or a blog post on WordPress or Facebook, deciding how to distribute your content is as important as the content itself when it comes to eCommerce. Oliver emphasized the difficulty to monetize using video, “The technology is not really there and right now there needs to be text somewhere on the site. I’ve noticed a shift from open web to mostly social media sites–Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. These specific platforms are getting attention and traction from merchants.” Vladimir agreed, emphasizing the importance of video for the publisher, “You can’t do publishing without videos now-a-days. But you can get a strong following even if it’s not the ideal affiliate model.” Although video is not an ideal mode of distribution for monetization, it  provides an ulterior advantage for content-driven eCommerce–a strong relationship with followers.  By adopting a social-first mindset and creating content using the appropriate distribution strategy, a small blog can grow into a highly profitable platform.


Authenticity: Key to Content Creation


When posed with the question, “What can brands and bloggers do to stand out,” Oliver and Vladimir agreed authenticity is the key.  For a publisher, it is important to not force content and instead prioritize authenticity and consistency. If a publisher regularly funnels content on topics they are passionate about, it will come out as a unique perspective organically. In turn, this will build credibility, individuality and trust among followers. Supplementing authenticity, it is as also important to pay attention to publisher analytics.  Analytics may reveal something resonating with readers that the publisher does not intuitively recognize. Analytical data on authentic content provides extremely valuable insight for creating the most impactful content monetization strategy.


The Role of Mobile


Consumers are spending more time than ever before interfacing with brands and social media celebrities on mobile.  On the publisher side, it can be difficult converting and/or creating appropriate content that resonates with mobile users.  On the affiliate side, attribution can be lost because of time spent on various devices. The solution to both of these challenges is formulating content centered around mobile first. The way people interact and advertise on mobile is vastly different than on desktop. Publishers and marketers alike must create mobile-specific strategies for content in order keep up with the ever-expanding mobile trend. 



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