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VigLink, Sovrn and TapInfluence Present the Publisher Roundtable

VigLink, Sovrn and TapInfluence Present the Publisher Roundtable

Today VigLink, Sovrn and TapInfluence have released the results from Publisher Roundtable, the collective insights platform. In it’s second year, Publisher Roundtable has been a huge asset for connecting publishers and learning how to grow their sites, audiences, content and incorporate monetization. It is no secret that social media has become a prevalent marketing tool to connect with consumers. As technology and social media continue to evolve, it’s important to track how the publishing industry is reacting. We discovered insights including how publishers increase audience engagement, what type of content is the most effective and the top predictions for the future of publishing content.  Social MediaThe study revealed that 73% of publishers feel Facebook provides the closest connection to their readers ahead of Instagram (57%), Twitter (50%), Pinterest (42%), Google+ (25%), YouTube (14%) and Tumblr (3%). However, 64% of publishers reported that Twitter provides the closest connection to the brands they would want to work with. In order for a publisher to become a successful social media influencer, it would seem maintaining a healthy profile on both Facebook and Twitter is imperative.  Sponsored ContentThe study also dives into the discussion of sponsored posts versus organic posts.  An overwhelming 82% of publishers stated they have participated in sponsored posts or giveaways in which they were compensated for reviewing an item. The high percentage is to be expected as brands increasingly rely on influencer marketing to boost brand awareness for products. Good news for marketers is that  41% of publishers reported they saw higher engagement levels on sponsored content and 50% of publishers reported they saw no difference in reader engagement levels on sponsored posts than regular, organic posts.  As a marketer, this is the ideal result of any influencer initiative.  With younger generations becoming more and more aware of blatant advertising and marketing techniques, they quickly deter from anything that seems forced.  By seeing no difference in engagement levels, marketers are reaching the expected amount of traffic they initially desired; and, of course, an increase in engagement with a sponsored post is reason to celebrate.  Additional takeaways from the Publisher Roundtable can be found in the infographics below (click to enlarge).What are your thoughts on the results? Were you surprised? Let us know in the comments section below! Blogger Profile Infographic_p3 Blogger Profile Infographic_p2Increasing Audience Engagement_p4Increasing Audience Engagement_p3 

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Announcements,Data and Trends,Industry News,Uncategorized