eBay Helps Shoppers and Publishers Head Back to School

Guest post by: Scott Parent, Global Communications Manager, eBay Partner Network

As the summer concludes, kids, teachers and parents are officially getting into the back-to-school routine.   According to the National Retail Federation, back-to-school shoppers planned to spend an average of $630 on items such as apparel, electronics and other school essentials this year. In recent years, online retailers such as, eBay, a VigLink partner, have been getting into the traditionally brick-and-mortar dominated back-to-school shopping game by allowing parents to skip the crowds and busy stores and conduct their shopping on the device of their choice from the comfort of their couch.

With sales of back-to-school items beginning in the summer and peaking in early August, eBay began spotlighting deals and promotions for students in mid-July. The online marketplace focused on dorm room and campus must-haves, with a number of deals and events for students who were headed to college and planning ahead.

Leveraging Partners

To help eBay affiliates take advantage of this peak shopping time, eBay Partner Network promoted these seasonal shopping events to its partners. In addition to blog posts highlighting the sales and trending items, eBay Partner Network also provides publishers with a Promotions and Sales Portal, which allowed them to search and view all eBay promotions, so they can easily share timely and relevant deals with their visitors.


This season, shoppers gravitated toward deals geared toward helping students study in style, such as a sale for up to 60 percent off dorm room essentials as well as another for up to 40 percent off portable electronics. Textbooks were also a top seller, with the eBay-owned Half.com offering a discount code to help savvy students save 10 percent on all textbooks. These deals helped students save so they can spend their dough on other necessities, like pizza.  
The doors are now wide open for online retailers to breakthrough the brick-and-mortar noise and dominate back-to-school season.



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